This heat sink wraps cylindrical bodies of size 22.3mm OD x 26mm high. For up to 260C the heat sink requires a water reservoir of 0.75 gallons or greater with no additional heat exchanging device. NOTE: Do not use ice in water reservoir! Condensate will form on the heat sink and water will drip onto your print. No testing has completed past 260C, however simulation data is provided in the link at the top of this page.


Instructional installation video: 



The basic Floe H2O water heat sink comes with the following:


- H2O Floe Aluminum Body

- (3) gaskets (1 spare for installation mishaps)

- (3) seamless plastic nipples (USA plastic parts)

- (5) 2mm bolts (1 spare)


It requires: 


- water pump

- 0.17" ID plastic tubing

- (2) hose clamps


Note: If tubing is added to an order, the standard length is 8ft. If more is needed please add it to your cart from the accessories page so it gets shipped as one length. 

Note: Pump shown in photo might not be exact one you recieve. But all pumps stocked are the same size and have compareable flow characteristics. No new pumps are added to our inventory until they have been tested for performance.



Floe H2O

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Water Pump
  • Uses:

    • To reduce or elminate fan noise
    • More consistent temeprature cold end
    • Operates in high temperature ambient enviroments

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