H2O Floe Heat Transfer Fluid Dynamics Simulation

2020-04-04 12_23_14-.png

The photo above shows fluid computational domain of the model and the mesh refinement used in the simulation.

NOTE: Do not use ice in your water reservoir. Water will condensate on the cooling jacket, and water could enter your electronics or print.

The shown simulations have the following properties:

- Inlet flow of water at 4GPH at 25C. Most mini-submersible pumps we tested with 10ft of tubing @ 0ft of head moved at least this much water. 

- All materials represented as aluminum

- Standard atmospheric pressure applied to the exit nozzle

When comparing simulations, please note the scale in the photos as it changes.

As the gasket could potentially block off water from the top and bottom fins, we assumed no water flowed around those fins. This makes our model conservative in nature, meaning that the simulation is showing higher temperatures than would exist in real life.

There also is no natural air convection applied to the outside of the aluminum body that would exist in real life, making the results again conservative in nature.

Through our real life testing, for up to 260C hot end temperature a reservoir of 0.75 gallons proved sufficient without external cooling devices. For hotter temperatures, the easiest solution is a larger reservoir. External cooling devices could also be used, if smaller reservoir size is necessary. 

260C Hot End Simulation

The max operating temperature of the test printer used in conjunction with this device for over a year is 260C. For this reason the resistor, nozzle, and heat block were set to 260C to test if the simulation was accurate at known parameters. The simulation provided the following results at steady state condition:

Inlet Temperature: 25.00C

Outlet Temperature: 28.32C

Max Fluid Temp: 35.54C

260C flow trajectory2.png
260C boundary Conditions.png
260c cutplot.png
260c cutplot2.png

600C Hot End Simulation

The purpose of the simulation is to test what we cannot achieve easily in real life. For that reason, a 600C simulation was completed, and the results are shown below. As they say, no models are 100% accurate, but some are useful. We believe the results below will be useful to our users.


The simulation provided the following results at steady state condition:

Inlet Temperature: 25.00C

Outlet Temperature: 32.94C

Max Fluid Temp: 53.54C

600c flow trajectory.png
600c boundary conditions.png
2020-04-04 13_3.png
2020-04-04 13_36_40-SOLIDWORKS Premiu.pn